Translation of "sure" - English-Russian dictionary


adjective uk /ʃɔːr/ us

A2 [ never before noun ] certain

[ + (that) ] I'm sure that he won't mind.
[ + question word ] She's not sure what she's going to do next.
I'm quite sure about the second answer.
→ Opposite unsure
make sure (that)

A2 to take action so that you are certain that something happens, is true, etc

убедиться, удостовериться
Make sure that you close all the windows before you leave.
be sure of sth

B2 to be confident that something is true

быть уверенным в чем-либо
He'll win, I'm sure of it.
for sure

B1 without any doubts

точно, наверняка
I think he's from Korea but don't know for sure.
be sure of yourself

B2 to be confident of your own abilities, qualities, etc

быть уверенным в своих силах
She's always been very sure of herself.
be sure to do sth

If you are sure to do something, it is certain that you will do it.

обязательно сделать что-либо
He's sure to go back there again.

used to tell someone what they must remember to do

обязательно сделать что-либо
Be sure to tell her I called.
a sure sign of/that sth

something that makes something seem certain to be true

верный признак
a sure thing

something that is certain to happen

что-либо неизбежное, бесспорное
Death is the one sure thing about life.
sure also US sure thing

A2 used to show agreement

"Can I borrow your pen please?" "Sure."
sure enough

B2 as expected

на самом деле
He said the book was on his desk, and sure enough, there it was.

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