Translation of "up" - English-Russian dictionary


adverb, preposition uk /ʌp/ us

A2 towards or in a higher place

указывает на движение снизу вверх вверх, может передаваться глагольной приставкой под-, в-
He ran up the stairs.
Pick up your clothes and put them away.
She looked up and smiled at me.

A1 vertical or as straight as possible

указывает на изменение положения из горизонтального в вертикальное, передается глагольной приставкой вс-, вы-
He stood up.
She opened her eyes and sat up.

B2 to a greater degree, amount, volume, etc

указывает на усиление или увеличение чего-либо, часто передается глагольной приставкой под-
Inflation keeps pushing prices up.
Can you turn up the heat? I'm freezing!
Please speak up (= speak louder), I can't hear you.

B2 used to emphasize that someone completes an action or uses all of something

указывает на завершение действия, выраженного глаголом до конца, полностью, часто передается глагольными приставками
I used up all my money.
Eat up the rest of your dinner.
up the road/street, etc

A2 along or further along the street/road, etc

дальше по дороге/улице и т. д.
My best friend lives up the street from me.
He ran up the path and hugged her.
go/walk, etc up to sb/sth

B1 to walk directly towards someone or something until you are next to them

подходить к кому-либо/чему-либо
He walked straight up to me and introduced himself.

in or towards a particular direction, usually north

на севере, в северном направлении
We moved from London up to Scotland.
Chris lives up north.
up and down

B2 If something or someone moves up and down, they move repeatedly in one direction and then in the opposite direction.

вверх и вниз, взад и вперед
The children were constantly running up and down the stairs.
up to 10/20, etc

B1 any amount under 10/20, etc

до десяти, двадцати и т. д.
We can invite up to 65 people.
up to

B1 until a particular time

You can call me up to midnight.
up to sth

equal in quality or achievement

в соответствии с
His work wasn't up to his usual standard.
up to sth/doing sth

able to do something

в состоянии делать что-либо
It'll be a while before I feel up to walking again.
be up to sth informal

B1 to be doing or planning something, often something secret and bad

задумать что-либо
Joe, what are you up to?
be up to sb

B1 If an action or decision is up to someone, they are responsible for doing or making it.

зависеть от кого-либо, быть чьим-либо решением
I can't decide for you Jack, it's up to you.
[ + to do sth ] It's up to her to decide whether she wants to enter the competition.
be up against sb/sth

If you are up against a situation or a person, they make it very difficult for you to achieve what you want to achieve.

сталкиваться, иметь дело с кем-либо/чем-либо
We were up against some of the best players in the world.

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