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modal verb uk strong /wɪl/ us weak /wəl, əl/ us

A2 used to talk about what is going to happen in the future, especially things that you are certain about

вспом. гл. для образования формы будущего времени
Claire will be five next month.
I'll see him on Saturday.
She'll have a great time.

A1 used to talk about what someone or something is willing or able to do

намереваться, собираться, не хотеть, отказываться
Ask Susie if she'll take them.
I've asked her but she won't come.
The car won't start.

A2 used to ask someone to do something or to politely offer something to someone

выражает вежливую просьбу или приглашение не могли бы вы, не хотели бы вы
Will you give me her address?
Will you have a drink with us, Phil?

A2 used in conditional sentences that start with 'if' and use the present tense

вспом. гл., используется в условных предложениях
If he's late again I'll be very angry.

used to talk about something that often happens, especially something annoying

указывает на часто повторяющееся действие, особенно вызывающее раздражение
Accidents will happen.
He will keep talking when I'm trying to concentrate.
it/that will be mainly UK

used to talk about what is probably true

это, должно быть, …
That will be Helen at the front door.
That will be his mother with him.

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