Translation of "year" - English-Russian dictionary


noun [ C ] uk /jɪər/ us

A1 a period of 12 months, or 365 or 366 days, especially from 1 January to 31 December

last year/next year
He joined the company a year ago.
the academic/financial, etc year

A2 the period of a year that is used by universities/businesses, etc to organize their activities

учебный/финансовый и т. д. год
be two/twelve/37, etc years old

A1 to be a particular age

быть в возрасте двух/двенадцати/тридцати семи и т. д. лет
Her son is six years old.
a two-/twelve-/37-, etc year-old

someone who is a particular age

двухлетний/двенадцатилетний/тридцатисемилетний и т. д.

a group of students who start college or a course together

курс, класс
He was in my year at school.

B1 a long time

сто лет, целая вечность
I haven't seen Linda for years.
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