Translation of "acquainted" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /əˈkweɪn·tɪd/ us /əˈkweɪn·t̬ɪd/ formal
be/get acquainted with something

If you are or get acquainted with something, you know about it or gradually learn more about it.

conocer algo/familiarizarse con algo
I’m not acquainted with this writer’s work.
be acquainted (with someone)

If you are acquainted with someone, you have met them but do not know them well.

ser conocidos, conocer a alguien
Are you two acquainted?
get acquainted (with someone)

If you get acquainted with someone, you gradually get to know them better.

conocerse, conocer mejor a alguien
I’d like to get better acquainted with her.
We gradually got acquainted.

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