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verb uk /æd/ us /æd/

A2 to put something together with something else, making the whole thing bigger

Mix the sugar and butter, then add the eggs.
Do you have anything to add to the list?

A2 to put two or more numbers together to get a total

Don’t forget to add the cost of postage.

B1 to say another thing

She said she liked him but added that he was difficult to work with.

Phrasal verb(s)


noun uk /ˌeɪ.diːˈdiː/ us /ˌeɪ.diːˈdiː/

abbreviation for Attention Deficit Disorder: a condition in which someone, especially a child, is often in a state of activity or excitement and unable to direct their attention towards what they are doing

abreviatura de “Attention Deficit Disorder”: trastorno por déficit de atención, TDA

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verb /ӕd/

(often with to) to put (one thing) to or with (another)

He added some water to his whisky.

(often with to, together, up) (mathematics) to find the total of (various numbers)

Add these figures together
Add 124 to 356
He added up the figures.

to say something extra

agregar, añadir
He admitted that he had made a mistake, and added that he was sorry.

(with to) to increase

añadirse a, aumentar
His illness had added to their difficulties.
added adjective

more than is usual or natural

This fruit juice contains no added sugar.
addition noun

(mathematics) the act of adding

She is not good at addition.

something added

They’ve had an addition to the family.
additional adjective

This has meant additional work for me.
additive noun

a substance that is added to food to make it last longer or to make it taste better

food additives.
add on phrasal verb

to make something bigger by adding something extra

Are they going to add on a service charge to our bill?
add up phrasal verb

(mathematics) to calculate the total of two or more numbers or amounts

Hacer la suma
I’m just going to check to see if these figures add up.
add insult to injury

to make a bad situation worse for someone who has been offended or otherwise badly treated

Por si fuera poco
Not only was the service slow, but to add insult to injury, the food was cold when it arrived.
not add up

to not seem reasonable or make sense

No tiene sentido
Her account of the events just doesn’t add up.

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