Translation of "advance" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ədˈvɑːns/ us /ədˈvæns/
in advance

B1 before a particular time

con antelación
We booked our tickets in advance.

new discoveries and inventions

scientific advances
verb uk /ədˈvɑːns/ us /ədˈvæns/ present participle advancing, past tense and past participle advanced

to develop or progress, or to make something develop or progress

(hacer) avanzar
Research has advanced our understanding of the virus.

to move forward, especially while fighting


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verb /ədˈvaːns/

to move forward

avanzar, proceder
The army advanced towards the town
Our plans are advancing well
He married the boss’s daughter to advance (= improve) his chances of promotion.

to supply (someone) with (money) on credit

The bank will advance you $500.
advanced adjective

having made a lot of progress; at a high level

an advanced computer course
The patient was in the advanced stages of the illness.
advancement noun

career advancement.
in advance


por adelantado
Can you pay me in advance?

in front

al frente de
A group of soldiers had been sent on in advance (of the main force).

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