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verb uk /əˈfɜːm/ us /-ˈfɝːm/ formal

to state something as true

The suspect affirmed (that) he had been at home all evening.
She affirmed her intention to apply for the post.

to publicly show your support for an opinion or idea

The government has affirmed its commitment to equal rights.
affirmation noun uk /ˌæf.əˈmeɪ.ʃən/ us /-ɚ-/

We welcome the government’s affirmation of its intention to act.

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verb /əˈfəːm/

to state something positively and firmly

Despite all the policeman’s questions, the woman continued to affirm that she was innocent.
affirmation /ӕ-/ noun

He regards his success as an affirmation of his beliefs.
affirmative /-tiv/ adjective, noun

saying or indicating yes to a question, suggestion etc

He gave an affirmative nod
We received a reply in the affirmative.
affirmatively /əˈfəːmətivli/ adverb

She replied affirmatively.
affirmative action noun

the practice of giving better opportunities (jobs, education etc) to people who, it is thought, are treated unfairly (minorities, women etc); positive discrimination (British).

acción positiva, medidas antidiscriminatorias

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