Translation of "alert" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /əˈlɜːt/ us /əˈlɜrt/

quick to notice things around you

despierto, vivo
verb uk /əˈlɜːt/ us /əˈlɜrt/

to warn someone of a possibly dangerous situation

Six hours later she still wasn’t home so they alerted the police.
noun uk /əˈlɜːt/ us /əˈlɜrt/

a warning about a possibly dangerous situation

alerta, alarma
a bomb alert

(Translation of “alert” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


adjective /əˈləːt/


despierto, vivo
She’s eighty years old, but still very alert.

(with to) watchful and aware

alerta, atento, vigilante
You must be alert to danger.
alertly adverb

The police officers watched alertly for any signs of trouble in the crowd.
alertness noun

atención, vigilancia; prontitud
The stress hormones act on the brain, creating a state of heightened alertness.
on the alert

on the watch (for)

en alerta
We were on the alert for any sound that might tell us where the lost boy was.

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