Translation of "along" - English-Spanish dictionary


preposition uk /əˈlɒŋ/ us /əˈlɔŋ/

A2 from one part of a road, river, etc. to another

a walk along the beach

B1 in a line next to something long

a lo largo de
There is a row of new houses along the river.
adverb uk /əˈlɒŋ/ us /əˈlɔŋ/

B1 forward

por delante
We were just walking along, talking.
come along

to arrive somewhere

Three buses came along at the same time.
bring/take someone along

B1 to take someone with you to a place

traer/llevar a alguien
Can I bring some friends along to the party?

(Translation of “along” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


preposition /əˈloŋ/

from one end to the other

a lo largo de
He was walking along the street
The path runs along the river.

at a point at the end or on the length of

There’s a bus-stop somewhere along this street.
alongside adverb, preposition

beside or close to (the side of a ship, a pier etc)

al lado de
He parked alongside a large truck
Susan’s dog usually runs alongside when she goes for a jog.

(Translation of “along” from the PASSWORD English-Spanish Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)