Translation of "assume" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /əˈsjuːm/ us /əˈsum/ present participle assuming, past tense and past participle assumed

to think that something is true, although you have no proof

You weren’t here, so I assumed you were at home.
You didn’t call, so I assumed you were OK.

to start to have something, especially something that is not real

He assumed an expression of innocence

(Translation of “assume” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


verb /əˈsjuːm/

to take or accept as true

I assume (that) you’d like time to decide.

to take upon oneself or accept (authority, responsibility etc)

He assumed the role of leader in the emergency.

to put on (a particular appearance etc)

adquirir, adoptar
He assumed a look of horror.
assumed adjective

pretended; not genuine

presunto; falso
He wrote under an assumed name (= not using his real name).
assumption /-ˈsamp-/ noun

something assumed

On the assumption that we can produce four pages an hour, the work will be finished tomorrow.

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