Translation of "attention" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun [ no plural ] uk /əˈten·ʃən/ us /əˈten·ʃən/

B1 the act of watching or listening to something carefully

Ladies and gentlemen, could I have your attention, please? (= please listen to me)
pay attention

B1 to look at or listen to someone or something carefully

prestar atención
I missed what she was saying because I wasn’t paying attention.
catch/get someone’s attention

to make someone notice you

llamar la atención de alguien
I waved at him to get his attention.
draw (someone’s) attention to something/someone

to make someone notice something or someone

atraer la atención (de alguien) a algo/alguien
I would like to draw your attention to the second paragraph.

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noun /əˈtenʃən/


He tried to attract my attention
Pay attention to your teacher!


That injury needs urgent attention.

concentration of the mind

His attention wanders.

(in the army etc) a position in which one stands very straight with hands by the sides and feet together

posición de firmes
He stood to attention.
attentive /-tiv/ adjective

giving attention

The children were very attentive when the teacher was speaking
He was very attentive to her needs.
attentively /-tiv-/ adverb

They listened attentively to the lecturer.
attentiveness noun

the attentiveness of students during class.

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