Translation of "baby" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈbeɪ·bi/ us /ˈbeɪ·bi/ plural babies

A1 a very young child or animal

a baby girl

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noun /ˈbeibi/ (plural babies)

a very young child

Some babies cry during the night
(also adjective) a baby boy.

a very young animal

The rabbit is feeding its babies.
babyish adjective

like a baby or suitable for a baby; not mature

infantil, pegado a las faldas de su madre
a babyish child who cries every day at school
Do you think this book is too babyish for a nine-year-old?
baby buggy noun ( baby carriage)

(American) a pram

cochecito de niño
baby grand noun

(music) a small grand piano.

piano de media cola
babysit verb (past tense, past participle babysat)

to remain in a house to look after a child while its parents are out

cuidar niños, hacer de canguro, hacer de niñera
She babysits for her aunt every Saturday.
babysitter noun

niñera, canguro
I often acted as babysitter for my younger sister.
babysitting noun

cuidado de niños
She earns pocket money by doing babysitting for the neighbours/neighbors.

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