Translation of "bash" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /bæʃ/ us

informal to hit hard

golpear, machacar
He bashed his arm against a shelf.
UK I could hear her bashing away on the computer (= hitting the keys loudly).

to criticize someone severely

despotricar contra

Phrasal verb(s)

noun uk /bæʃ/ us

informal a party

He had a big bash for his 18th birthday.

mainlyUK informal a hit

porrazo, golpe
a bash on the head
have a bash UK informal

to try to do something you have not done before

I’ve never been skiing before, but I’m prepared to have a bash (at it).
basher noun uk /ˈbæʃ.ər/ us //

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verb /bӕʃ/

(sometimes with in) to beat or smash (in)

echar abajo, forzar a golpes
The soldiers bashed in the door.
bash on/ahead (with) phrasal verb

to go on doing something especially in a careless or inattentive way

continuar haciendo de manera negligente
In spite of his father’s advice, he bashed on with the project.
have a bash at

(British, informal) to make an attempt at

intentar, probar
Although he was not a handyman, he had a bash at mending the lock.

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