Translation of "bath" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /bɑːθ/ us /bæθ/

A1 an act of washing your body when sitting in water

I’m going to have a bathtake a bath.

A1 UK US bathtub the container that you fill with water and sit in to wash your body

verb uk /bɑːθ/ us /bæθ/ UK US bathe

to wash yourself or someone else in a bath

dar(se) un baño
I was just bathing the baby.

(Translation of “bath” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /baːθ/ (plural baths /baːðz/)

a large container for holding water in which to wash the whole body

I’ll fill the bath with water for you.

an act of washing in a bath

I had a bath last night.

a container of liquid etc in which something is immersed

recipiente de agua
a bird bath.
bathchair noun

(British) a kind of wheeled chair that was used in the past to move someone who was old or unable to walk.

silla de ruedas
bathrobe noun

a long loose piece of clothing which you wear before or after taking a bath or shower

Bata de Baño
She was wearing a cotton bathrobe.
bathroom noun

a room in a house etc which contains a bath

cuarto de baño/de aseo
an en-suite bathroom (= one that is joined onto a bedroom).

(American) a lavatory.

lavabo, aseo
I need to use the bathroom (= use the lavatory).
bathtub noun

(especially American ) a bath (for washing in); bath (British)

He’s sitting in the bathtub.

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