Translation of "belly" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈbel.i/ us

informal the stomach or the front part of the body between your chest and your legs

vientre, barriga
He fell asleep with a full belly and a happy heart.
By the sixth month of pregnancy, Gina’s belly had begun to swell.


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noun /ˈbeli/ (plural bellies)

the part of the body between the breast and the thighs, containing the bowels

barriga, vientre
The dog was lying on its belly
I’ve got a pain in my belly.
bellyache noun

stomach pain

barriga, estómago
He’s been suffering from bellyache.
bellyache verb

(informal) to complain a lot without a good reason; to grumble

quejarse constantemente (de)
Stop bellyaching, we’re all doing our share!
belly button noun

(informal ) a small hollow part or lump in the middle of someone’s stomach where the umbilical cord was cut at birth; naval.

belly dance noun

a Middle Eastern dance performed by a woman

danza del vientre
She performed a belly dance.
bellyflop noun

a clumsy jump into water in which the front of your body crashes flat against the water

Bellyflops are not permitted in the pool.
belly laugh noun

a loud, deep laugh

carcajada, risotada
He gave a loud belly laugh.

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