Translation of "bend" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /bend/ us /bend/ past tense and past participle bent

to move your body or part of your body so that it is not straight

doblar, inclinar

to become curved, or to make something become curved

doblar(se), torcer(se)
The road bent to the left.
noun uk /bend/ us /bend/

a curved part of something

a bend in the road/river

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verb /bend/ (past tense, past participle bent /bent/)

to make, become, or be, angled or curved

doblar(se), curvar
I can’t bend my arm properly
She bent down to pick up the coin
The road bends to the right
He could bend an iron bar.

to force (someone) to do what one wants

doblegar, compeler, obligar
He bent me to his will.
the bends noun plural

(medical ) agonizing pains, especially in the joints, affecting divers when they surface too quickly

Emergency services were called to assist a diver who was suffering from the bends.
bent on

determined to do something

estar decidido/resuelto a
Sally was bent on winning the game.

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