Translation of "big" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /bɪɡ/ us /bɪɡ/ comparative bigger, superlative biggest

A1 large in size or amount

I come from a big family.
We’re looking for a bigger house.
→ Opposite small (1) , little adj (1)

A2 important or serious

Buying that car was a big mistake.
your big brother/sister informal

A2 your older brother or sister

tu hermano/hermana mayor

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adjective /biɡ/ (comparative bigger, superlative biggest)

large in size

a big cake.


gran, importante
a big event.
big game noun

large animals (usually lions, tigers etc) that are hunted

caza mayor
He hunts big game in Africa
(also adjective) a big game hunter.
big-headed adjective

(informal, disapproving) (of a person) thinks that they are very important or clever

Creido / Arrogante
She’s so big-headed that she thinks she should get special treatment.
big-head noun

Creido / Arrogante
Stop being such a big-head and listen to what your mother has to say!

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