Translation of "blast" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /blɑːst/ us /blæst/

an explosion

a bomb blast

a sudden, strong movement of air

a blast of cold air
full blast

at the loudest or strongest level

al máximo
The heating was on full blast.

(Translation of “blast” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /blaːst/

a strong, sudden stream (of air)

A blast of cold air entered the room when he opened the door.

an explosion

explosión, detonación
a bomb blast.

a loud sound

Ed gave a blast on the car horn.
blasting noun

in mining etc, the breaking up of rock etc by explosives

explosión controlada
iron ore blasting in the quarry.
blast furnace noun

a furnace for melting iron ore using blasts of hot air.

alto horno
at full blast

at full power, speed etc

a todo volumen
He had the radio going at full blast (= as loud as possible).
blast off noun

(of rockets, spacecraft etc) the process of taking off and starting to rise

The rocket is ready for blast off.

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