Translation of "blind" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /blaɪnd/ us /blɑɪnd/

B1 not able to see

She went blind after an accident.
as blind as a bat

unable to see well

más ciego que un topo
I’m as blind as a bat without my glasses.
noun uk /blaɪnd/ us /blɑɪnd/ UK US shade

a cover that you pull down over a window

verb uk /blaɪnd/ us /blɑɪnd/

to make someone blind, either permanently or for a short time

cegar, dejar ciego
I was blinded by the car headlights.

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adjective /blaind/

not able to see

a blind man.

(with to) unable to notice

ciego, que no se da cuenta de algo
She is blind to his faults.

hiding what is beyond

sin visibilidad
a blind corner.

of or for blind people

para invidentes/ciegos
a blind school.
blinding adjective

tending to make blind

a blinding light.


como un relámpago, de súbito
He realized, in a blinding flash, that she was the murderer.
blindly adverb

ciegamente, deslumbrantemente
We blindly stumbled through the mist and driving rain.
blindness noun

Her blindness resulted from an inherited disease.
blind alley noun

a situation without any way out

sin salida
This is a blind alley of a job – there are no prospects for promotion.
blindfold noun

a piece of cloth etc put over the eyes to prevent someone from seeing

The kidnappers put a blindfold over her eyes.
blind spot noun

any matter about which one always shows lack of understanding

punto flojo
She seems to have a blind spot about Tim and refuses to accept any criticism of his work.

an area which is impossible or difficult to see due to an obstruction

área sin visibilidad
All cars have a blind spot where you can’t see if someone is overtaking you.
the blind leading the blind

one inexperienced or incompetent person telling another about something

tan ciego el uno como el otro; el Maestro Ciruela, que no sabía leer y puso escuela
My teaching you about computing would be a case of the blind leading the blind.

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