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noun uk /ˈbræk.ɪt/ us

a group with fixed upper and lower limits

nivel, grupo etario, gama de precios
They were both surgeons in a high income bracket.
Most of our students are in the 18–22 age bracket.
Her pay rise brought her into a new tax bracket.

a piece of metal, wood, or plastic, usually L-shaped, that is fastened to a wall and used to support something such as a shelf

soporte, escuadra
verb uk /ˈbræk.ɪt/ us

to put brackets around words, phrases, numbers, etc. to put particular symbols around words, phrases, numbers, etc. to show that they should be considered as separate from the main part of the piece of writing

poner entre corchetes, poner entre paréntesis
I’ve bracketed the parts of the text that could be omitted.

If you bracket two or more things or people, you consider them to be similar or connected to each other. to consider two or more things or people to be similar or connected to each other

catalogar, equiparar
He’s often bracketed with the romantic poets of this period although this does not reflect the range of his work.

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noun /ˈbrӕkit/

(usually in plural ) marks (eg ( ), //, < > etc) used to group together one or more words etc

paréntesis, corchete
round/square brackets.

a support for a shelf etc

soporte, puntal
The shelf fell down because the brackets were not strong enough.
bracket fungus noun (plural bracket fungi, bracket funguses)

a round, flat fungus that grows out horizontally on the trunks of trees.

agárico, garzo

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