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noun uk /brʌʃ/ us /brʌʃ/

A2 an object made of short, thin pieces of plastic, wire, etc. attached to a handle and used to arrange hair, to clean, or to paint

a stiff wire brush
verb uk /brʌʃ/ us /brʌʃ/

A2 to use a brush to clean or tidy something

to brush your hair/teeth

to lightly touch someone or something as you move past

Charlotte brushed against him as she left the room.
brush something away, off, etc.

to move something somewhere using a brush or your hand

quitar algo
Jackie brushed the hair out of her eyes.
He stood up and brushed the dirt off his trousers.
He brushed away a tear.

Phrasal verb(s)

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noun /braʃ/

an object with bristles, wire, hair etc for cleaning, scrubbing etc

He picked up the brush and began to sweep the floor.

an act of brushing

He gave his coat a good brush.

a disagreement

She had a slight brush with the law when a police officer stopped her for speeding.

a bushy tail of a fox.

brush aside phrasal verb

to pay no attention to

dejar de lado
She brushed aside my objections.
brush away phrasal verb

to wipe off

She brushed away a tear.
brush up phrasal verb (with on)

to refresh one’s knowledge of (eg a language)

repasar, refrescar
He brushed up his Spanish before he went on holiday.
give ( get the brush-off)

to reject or be rejected abruptly

quitarse a alguien de encima, enviar a freír espárragos, mandar a alguien a paseo
She gave him the brush-off after he’d asked her out on a date.

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