Translation of "call" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /kɔːl/ us /kɔl/
be called something

A1 to have a particular name

llamarse algo
a boy called Adam
Their latest album is called ‘In Rainbows’.

A2 to phone someone

Call the police.

B1 to shout

I heard someone call my name.

B1 to give someone a name

They called their first son Joshua.

to describe someone or something in a particular way

Are you calling me a liar?

to ask someone to come somewhere

She called me into her office.
noun uk /kɔːl/ us /kɔl/

A2 the act of using the phone

Give me a call this weekend.
I got a call from Sue this morning.

B1 the act of shouting something


a sound made by a bird or other animal


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verb /koːl/

to give a name to

My name is Alexander, but I’m called Sandy by my friends.

to regard (something) as

I saw you turn that card over – I call that cheating.

to speak loudly (to someone) to attract attention etc

Call everyone over here
She called louder so as to get his attention.

to summon; to ask (someone) to come (by letter, telephone etc)

They called him for an interview for the job
He called a doctor.

to make a visit

hacer una visita
I shall call at your house this evening
You were out when I called.

to telephone

I’ll call you at 6 p.m.

(in card games) to bid.

marcar, declarar
caller noun

visita, visitante
caller unknown.
calling noun

(formal) a trade or profession

vocación; profesión
Teaching is a worthwhile calling.
call box noun

a public telephone box

cabina telefónica
There’s a call box opposite the hospital entrance.
call centre /ˈsentə/ /ˈsentər/ noun ( call center)

an office where a large number of people use telephones to deal with calls from customers, especially to take orders or to answer questions

Centro de Llamadas
The company has just opened a call centre/call center in India.
call for phrasal verb

to demand or require

This calls for quick action.

to collect

pasar a buscar
I’ll call for you at eight o’clock.
call off phrasal verb

to cancel

cancelar, suspender, anular
The party’s been called off.
call on phrasal verb

to visit

pasar a ver, visitar
I’ll call on him tomorrow.

to ask someone to speak at a meeting etc

ceder la palabra a
The magistrate finally called on the prosecution to open their case.

to ask someone publicly to something

The UN Secretary-General called on both sides to stop the fighting.
call up phrasal verb

to telephone (someone)

llamar (por teléfono)
He called me up from the airport.
give (someone) a call

to telephone (someone)

llamar (por teléfono)
I’ll give you a call tomorrow.
on call

keeping (oneself) ready to come out to an emergency

de guardia
Which of the doctors is on call tonight?

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