Translation of "candid" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /ˈkæn·dɪd/ us /ˈkæn·dɪd/

honest, especially about something that is unpleasant or embarrassing

sincero, abierto
She was very candid about her personal life in the interview.
candidly adverb uk /ˈkæn·dɪd·li/ us /ˈkæn·dɪd·li/

sinceramente, con naturalidad

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adjective /ˈkӕndid/

saying just what one thinks, without hiding anything

franco, sincero, cándido
Do you like my hairstyle? Be candid
I’d welcome your candid opinion.
candidly adverb

He spoke candidly about the breakdown of his marriage.
candour /-də/ /ˈkændə/ noun ( candor)

franqueza, sinceridad, candor
She talked with remarkable candour/candor about her disease.
candidness noun

franqueza, sinceridad
I admired his candidness and honesty.
candid camera noun

the use of a hidden video camera to show people while they are being tricked as a joke.

cámara oculta

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