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noun [ no plural ] uk /ˈkem·ɪ·stri/ us /ˈkem·ə·stri/

A2 the scientific study of substances and how they change when they combine


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noun /ˈkemistri/

(the science that deals with) the nature of substances and the ways in which they act on, or combine with, each other

Chemistry was his favourite subject
organic chemistry
the chemistry of the blood.
chemical adjective

of chemistry

a chemical reaction.
chemist noun

a scientist who studies or works in chemistry

an industrial chemist.

(British ) a person who makes up and sells medicines and usually also soap, make-up etc ; druggist(American)

The chemist can sell certain medicines by prescription only.

a chemist’s shop

Where is the nearest chemist?
chemical bond noun

(chemistry) a strong force of attraction that holds atoms together in a molecule

Enlace Quimico
Carbon can form chemical bonds with many elements.
chemical change noun

(chemistry) a usually irreversible chemical reaction in which the atoms of one or more substances are reorganized to form at least one new substance

Cambio Quimico
Chemical changes take place on the molecular level.
chemical formula noun

(chemistry) a set of letters and numbers that represent a precise description of the elements that make up a chemical compound

Formula Quimica
CO2 is the chemical formula for carbon dioxide.
chemical symbol noun

(chemistry) a symbol consisting of one, two, or three letters that stands for a chemical element, usually derived from its name (often in Latin). Only the first letter of a chemical symbol is capitalized

Simbolo Quimico
Ag is the chemical symbol for silver.

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