Translation of "clear" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /klɪər/ us /klɪər/

A2 easy to understand


A2 easy to hear, read, or see

These photos are very clear.

A2 easy to see through

clear glass

B1 obvious and not possible to doubt

It was clear that she didn’t like him.

B1 not covered or blocked by anything

a clear road
a clear sky
verb uk /klɪər/ us /klɪər/

B1 to take away all the things or people from a place

despejar, desalojar
I completely cleared the room.

If the sky or weather clears, the clouds and rain disappear.

adverb uk /klɪər/ us /klɪər/
steer clear of someone/something

to avoid someone or something that is unpleasant or dangerous

mantenerse alejado de alguien/algo
Steer clear of Tony this morning – he’s in a bad mood.

(Translation of “clear” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


adjective /kliə/

easy to see through; transparent

clear glass.

free from mist or cloud

Isn’t the sky clear!

easy to see, hear or understand

claro, nítido
a clear explanation
The details on that photograph are very clear.

free from difficulty or obstacles

There was a clear road ahead and we soon arrived at Jacksonville.

free from guilt etc

I have a completely a clear conscience.

free from doubt etc

Are you quite clear about what I mean?

(often with of) without (risk of) being touched, caught etc

despejado, libre (de)
Is the ship clear of the rocks?
They were finally clear of danger.

(often with of) free

libre (de)
She is now clear of debt
The patient is clear of all infection.
clearance noun

the act of clearing or removing

The clearance of these trees from the front of the window will give you more light.

the empty space between two objects

You can drive the lorry under the bridge – there’s a clearance of half a metre.

(a certificate) giving permission for something to be done.

The pilot needs clearance from air traffic control before he can take off.
clearing noun

a piece of land cleared of wood etc for cultivation

a clearing in the forest.
clearly adverb

claramente, con claridad
You could see from her face that she was clearly upset.
clearness noun

The lake is famous for the clearness of its water.
clear-cut adjective

having a clear outline; plain and definite

claro, bien definido
There is a clear-cut distinction between the two theories.
clearway noun

(in Britain) a stretch of road on which motorists are forbidden to stop

tramo de carretera donde está prohibido detenerse
Parking is not allowed at any time on the clearway.
clear off phrasal verb

to go away

She told him to clear off and stop annoying her
He cleared off without saying a word.
clear out phrasal verb

to get rid of

He cleared the rubbish out of the attic.

to make tidy by emptying etc

He has cleared out the attic.
clear up phrasal verb

to make clean, tidy etc

Clear up this mess!

to become better etc

If the weather clears up, we’ll go for a picnic.
get clear away

(American) to escape completely

The robber got clear away with over $8,000.
in the clear

no longer under suspicion, in danger etc

estar fuera de peligro
He’s in the clear after being found not guilty by the court.

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