Translation of "cleave" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb /kliːv/ (past tense cleft /kleft/, cleaved, clove /klouv/, past participles cleft, cloven /ˈklouvn/)

(literary, old-fashioned) to split or divide

The killer had cleaved her skull nearly in two.
cleavage /-vidʒ/ noun

(formal) the act of splitting; a split

the social cleavage between urban and rural residents.

the split between a woman’s breasts

She was wearing a low-cut dress that revealed a lot of cleavage.
cleaver noun

a butcher’s knife

cuchillo de carnicero
a meat cleaver.
cloven hoof noun ( cleft hoof)

a hoof, like those of cows, sheep etc, which has a split up the centre

pezuña partida
In Christian mythology, the devil has a cloven hoof.

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