Translation of "close" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb /kləuz/

to make or become shut, often by bringing together two parts so as to cover an opening

The baby closed his eyes
Close the door
The shops close on Sundays.

to finish; to come or bring to an end

The meeting closed with everyone in agreement.

to complete or settle (a business deal)

We’re hoping to close the deal later today.
closed circuit television noun

(also CCTV) a system of cameras that allows you to see what is happening within a limited area, such as a building or street, in order to protect it from crime

Circuito Cerrado de Televisión
The suspect was captured on closed-circuit television.
closed question noun

a closed question is one in which all possible answers are identified and the person answering the question has to choose one of them. A multiple-choice question or a question that can only be answered ‘yes’ or ‘no’ are examples closed questions

Pregunta Cerrada
The advantage of using closed questions in a questionnaire is that the involve the minimum effort on the part of the respondent.
closed shop noun

a business, factory, or office where all the employees must be members of a particular trade union/labor union

Taller Cerrado
The factory was a closed shop where union membership was mandatory.
close down phrasal verb

(of a business) to close permanently

cerrar( definitivamente)
High levels of taxation have caused many firms to close down.

(of a TV or radio station etc) to stop broadcasting for the day (noun closedown).

cerrar la emisión
close up phrasal verb

to come or bring closer together

He closed up the space between the lines of print.

to shut completely

She closed up the house when she went on holiday/vacation.

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