Translation of "cold" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /kəʊld/ us /koʊld/

A1 having a low temperature

frío → Opposite cold adj
to be/feel cold

A1 to feel that the temperature is low

tener frío
Turn the heating up – I’m cold!
→ Opposite cold adj

B1 unfriendly or showing no emotion

a cold stare
noun uk /kəʊld/ us /koʊld/

A2 a common illness that makes your nose produce liquid

I’ve got a cold.
the cold

B1 cold weather

el frío
Don’t go out in the cold!

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adjective /kəuld/

low in temperature

cold water
cold meat and salad.

lower in temperature than is comfortable

I feel cold.


His manner was cold.
coldly adverb

in an unfriendly way

She looked at me coldly.
coldness noun

The coldness of the water was making her shiver.
cold-blooded adjective

(biology) having blood (like that of a fish) which takes the same temperature as the surroundings of the body

de sangre fría
cold-blooded creatures.

cruel and unfeeling

cold-blooded murder.
cold war noun

a major, especially political, struggle between nations which involves military threats but not fighting

guerra fría
During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union were reluctant to become involved in direct military conflict.
get cold feet

(informal) to lose courage

entrarle miedo a alguien
I was going to apply for the job, but I got cold feet.
give (someone) the cold shoulder

(informal) to show that one is unwilling to be friendly with (a person)

tratar a alguien con frialdad
All the neighbours/neighbors gave her the cold shoulder
He cold-shouldered all his sister’s friends.
in cold blood

deliberately and unemotionally

a sangre fría
He killed them in cold blood.

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