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noun [ no plural ] uk /ˈkʌm·fət/ us /ˈkʌm·fərt/

a nice feeling of being relaxed and without pain

Now you can watch the latest movies in the comfort of your sitting room.
verb uk /ˈkʌm·fət/ us /ˈkʌm·fərt/

to make someone feel better when they are sad

We comforted Sasha after her dog died.

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noun /ˈkamfət/

a pleasant condition of being physically or mentally relaxed, happy, warm etc

comodidad, confort, bienestar
They now live in comfort.

anything that provides a little luxury, or makes one feel happier, or better able to bear misfortune

He enjoyed the comforts of the hotel
Her presence was a comfort to him in his grief
words of comfort.
comfortable adjective

in comfort; pleasantly relaxed

tranquilo, relajado
He looked very comfortable in his chair.

producing a good physical feeling

a comfortable chair.

financially secure without being rich

acomodado, desahogado
a comfortable standard of living.
comfortably adverb

We were comfortably accommodated in the Randolph Hotel.
comforter noun

a person or thing that comforts you

The child was holding a teddy bear as a comforter.

(American ) a cover for a bed that is filled with a soft warm material; duvet(British).

comforting adjective

producing a pleasant or relaxed feeling

a comforting thought.
comfy adjective (comparative comfier, superlative comfiest)

(informal) comfortable

a comfy chair.
be comfortably off

to have enough money to live in comfort

vivir cómodamente
I have the impression that her family is comfortably off.
comfort zone noun

the range of situations or activities where someone feels safe, confident, and in control

Zona de Confort
This training course is very challenging and will take most people out of their comfort zone.

the range of temperatures in the environment within which most people feel comfortable.

Zone de Confort

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