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noun uk /kəˈmɑːnd/ us /kəˈmænd/

an order to do something


[ no plural ] control over someone or something and responsibility for them or it

Jones was in command (= the leader).

an instruction to a computer

verb uk /kəˈmɑːnd/ us /kəˈmænd/ formal

to order someone to do something

ordenar, mandar
The officer commanded his men to shoot.

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verb /kəˈmaːnd/

to order

ordenar, mandar
I command you to leave the room immediately!

to have authority over

estar al mando de
He commanded a regiment of soldiers.

to have by right

infundir, inspirar
He commands great respect.
commandant /komənˈdant, (American) ˈkoməndant/ noun

an officer who has the command of a place or of a body of troops.

commander noun

a person who commands

He was the commander of the expedition.

in the British navy, an officer of the rank next below the captain.

capitán de fragata
commanding adjective


He has a commanding appearance.

with a wide view

The house had a commanding position on the hill.
commandment noun

a command given by God, especially one of the ten given to Moses

the Ten Commandments.
commander-in-chief noun (plural commanders-in-chief)

the officer in supreme command of an army, or of the entire forces of the state.

comandante en jefe

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