Translation of "commission" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /kəˈmɪʃ.ən/ us

A to formally choose someone to do a special piece of work, or to formally ask for a special piece of work from someone

The newspaper commissioned a series of articles on the worst excesses of the fashion industry.
She’s commissioned an artist to paint her portrait.
noun uk /kəˈmɪʃ.ən/ us

A a group of people who have been formally chosen to discover information about a problem or examine the reasons why the problem exists

a commission on alcohol abuse/racial tension
The government has set up/established a commission to investigate the problem of inner city violence.

a payment to someone who sells goods that is directly related to the amount sold, or a system that uses such payments

Is she paid a regular wage or is it on/by commission only?
She gets a 15 percent commission on every machine she sells.

a request to do a special piece of work

She’s just got a commission to paint Sir Ellis Pike’s wife.
Do you do/take commissions?

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(business) money earned by a person who sells things for someone else

The realtor earns a 5% commission on the sale of each house.

an order for a work of art

a commission to paint the president’s portrait.

an official paper giving authority, especially to an army officer etc

My son got his commission last year.

an official group appointed to report on a specific matter

a commission of enquiry.
commissionaire /-ˈneə/ noun

(British, old-fashioned) a doorkeeper in uniform

portero, conserje
the commissionaire at the cinema.
commissioner noun

a representative of the government in a district or department

a police commissioner.
in/out of commission

in, or not in, a usable, working condition

(fuera) de servicio
The ferry is currently out of commission until further notice.

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