Translation of "course" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /kɔːs/ us /kɔrs/
of course

A1 used to say ‘yes’ strongly, often to be polite

por supuesto
‘Can you help me?’ ‘Of course!’
of course

B1 used to show that what you are saying is obvious

Of course, the Olympics are not just about money.
of course not

A2 used to say ‘no’ strongly

claro que no
‘Do you mind if I borrow your pen?’ ‘Of course not.’

A1 a set of lessons about a particular subject

She did a ten-week computer course.

A2 a part of a meal

a three-course dinner

B1 an area used for horse races or playing golf

campo, pista
a golf course

the direction in which a ship, plane, etc. is moving

The boat was blown off course (= in the wrong direction).

the way something develops, usually over a long time

Nuclear weapons have changed the course of history.

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noun /koːs/

a series (of lectures, medicines etc)

I’m taking a course (of lectures) in sociology
He’s having a course of treatment for his leg.

a division or part of a meal

Now we’ve had the soup, what’s (for) the next course?

the ground over which a race is run or a game (especially golf) is played

campo, pista
a golf course.

the path or direction in which something moves

the course of the Nile.

the progress or development of events

Things will run their normal course despite the strike.

a way (of action)

camino, modo de proceder
What’s the best course of action in the circumstances?
coursebook noun

a book about a particular subject which students use regularly in class

Libro de Texto
All students are required to purchase the coursebook.
coursework noun

work which students do as part of their course of study, and which counts towards their final mark/grade

Trabajo de Curso
I’ve got some geography coursework to finish.
in the course of


durante, en el curso de
In the course of our talk, he told me about the accident.
in due course

at the appropriate or normal time

a su debido tiempo
In due course, this seed will grow into a tree.
of course

naturally or obviously

por supuesto, claro, naturalmente
Of course, he didn’t tell me any secrets
Of course I can swim.
off/on course

(not) heading in the right direction

por el buen camino; por el mal camino
The yacht began to drift off course
We’re back on course.

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