Translation of "crash" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /kræʃ/ us /kræʃ/

B1 an accident in which a vehicle hits something

choque, accidente
a car/plane crash

a sudden, loud noise made when something falls or breaks

estruendo, estrépito
I heard a crash and hurried into the kitchen.
verb uk /kræʃ/ us /kræʃ/

B1 If a vehicle crashes, it hits something by accident.

tener un accidente, chocar
The van skidded and crashed into a tree.

If a computer or computer system crashes, it suddenly stops working.

quedarse colgado, fallar

to hit something and make a loud noise

chocar (haciendo ruido)
The waves crashed against the rocks.

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noun /krӕʃ/

a noise as of heavy things breaking or falling on something hard

estruendo, estrépito
I heard a crash, and looked round to see that he’d dropped all the plates.

a collision

colisión, choque, encontronazo
There was a crash involving three cars.

a failure of a business etc

the Wall Street crash.

a sudden failure of a computer

bloqueo (de un ordenador)
A computer crash is very costly.
crash helmet noun

a covering for the head, worn for protection by racing-motorists, motor cyclists etc

casco protector
Wearing a crash helmet is compulsory when riding a motorcycle.
crash-land verb

to land (an aircraft), usually in an emergency, with the undercarriage up

efectuar un aterrizaje forzoso
The plane was forced to crash land when it ran out of fuel.

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