Translation of "crook" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun /kruk/

a (shepherd’s or bishop’s) stick, bent at the end.

cayado, báculo (obispo)

(informal) a criminal

criminal, maleante
The two crooks stole the old woman’s jewels.

the inside of the bend (of one’s arm at the elbow)

pliegue del codo
She held the puppy in the crook of her arm.
crooked /-kid/ adjective

badly shaped

a crooked little man.

not straight

That picture is crooked (= not horizontal).


deshonesto, venal, pérfido
a crooked businessman.
crookedly /-kid-/ adverb

sin honestidad, venalmente, pérfidamente
The dusty old clock hung crookedly on the wall.
crookedness /-kid-/ noun

deformidad; criminalidad; deshonestidad, perfidia
She knew nothing about the crookedness of his business dealngs.

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