Translation of "cure" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /kjʊər/ us /kjʊər/

something that makes someone with an illness healthy again

cura, remedio
They are trying to find a cure for cancer.
verb uk /kjʊər/ us /kjʊər/ present participle curing, past tense and past participle cured

to make someone with an illness healthy again


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verb /kjuə/

to make better

curar, remediar
That medicine cured me
That will cure him of his bad habits.

to get rid of (an illness etc)

That pill cured my headache.

to preserve (bacon etc ) by drying, salting etc.

curable adjective

able to be cured

curable, que tiene cura
a curable form of cancer.
curative /ˈkjuərətiv/ adjective

intended to, or likely to, cure

curative treatment.

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