Translation of "dedicate" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /ˈded.ɪ.keɪt/ us

A to give all of your energy, time, etc.

He has dedicated his life to scientific research.
The new president said she would dedicate herself to protecting the rights of the sick and the homeless.

If you dedicate a book, play, performance, etc. to someone, you publicly say that it is in that person’s honour. to publicly say that a book, play, performance, etc. is in someone’s honour

The book is dedicated to the author’s husband.

formal When a building, especially a religious building, is dedicated, there is a ceremony at which it is formally opened for use and its particular purpose is stated. to have a ceremony during which a building, especially a religious building, is formally opened for use and its particular purpose is stated

The church was dedicated on 1 March 1805 to the local Saint Jude.

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verb /ˈdedikeit/

to give up wholly to; to devote to

dedicar, consagrar, sacrificar
He dedicated his life to good works.

to set apart, especially for a holy or sacred purpose

dedicar, consagrar
He decided to dedicate a chapel to his wife’s memory.

(of an author etc ) to state that (a book etc) is in honour of someone

He dedicated the book to his father
She dedicated the song to her friend.
dedicated adjective

spending a great deal of one’s time and energy on a subject, one’s job etc

dedicado, entregado
She’s a dedicated teacher
He is dedicated to his music.
dedication noun

the quality of being dedicated; the act of dedicating

dedicación, consagración
His dedication to duty was admirable.

the words dedicating a book to someone

We can put the dedication at the top of the page.

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