Translation of "determine" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /dɪˈtɜː.mɪn/ us /-ˈtɝː-/

I to control or influence something directly, or to decide what will happen

The number of staff we can take on will be determined by how much money we’re allowed to spend.
Your health is determined in part by what you eat.
Eye colour is genetically determined.
formal Officials will determine whether or not the game will be played.
People should be allowed to determine their own future.

formal to make a strong decision

She determined that one day she would be an actor.
On leaving jail, Joe determined to reform.

formal to discover the facts or truth about something

The police never actually determined the cause of death.
It is the responsibility of the court to determine whether these men are innocent.
The jury determined that the men were guilty.

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verb /diˈtəːmin/

to fix or settle; to decide

determinar, decidir
He determined his next course of action.

to find out exactly

determinar, establecer
He tried to determine what had gone wrong.
determination noun

firmness of character or stubbornness

She showed her determination by refusing to give way.

the act of determining.

determined adjective

having one’s mind made up

determinado a, resuelto a, decidido a
She is determined to succeed.


determinado, resuelto, decidido
He’s very determined.

fixed or settled

determinado, decidido, fijado
Our route has already been determined.
determiner noun

(linguistics) a word that is used before a noun to show which thing you mean. The words ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘this’, and ‘some’ are determiners.


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