Translation of "develop" - English-Spanish dictionary


verb uk /dɪˈvel·əp/ us /dɪˈvel·əp/

B1 to change and become better, or to make someone or something become better

desarrollar(se), convertir(se)
He’s developing into a very good tennis player.

B1 to make something new, such as a product

Scientists are developing new drugs all the time.

to start to have a problem or feeling

empezar a dar señales de
Shortly after take-off the plane developed engine trouble.

to use special chemicals on a piece of film to make photographs appear


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verb /diˈveləp/ (past tense, past participle developed)

to (cause to) grow bigger or to a more advanced state

The plan developed slowly in his mind
Shanghai has developed into a very large city.

to acquire gradually

contraer, adquirir
He developed the habit of getting up early.

to become active, visible etc

Spots developed on her face.

to use chemicals to make (a photograph) visible

My brother used to develop all his own films.
development noun

the process or act of developing

a crucial stage in the development of a child.

something new which is the result of developing

important new developments in science.
developer noun

a person or company that makes a profit by buying land or buildings and then putting new or better buildings there

Promotor Immobiliario
a property developer

a person or company that creates new products and ideas

a software developer.

a chemical substance which is used to develop films and photographs

Revelador Fotográfico
She placed the photograph in a tray full of developer.

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