Translation of "disrespect" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun /ˌdɪs·rɪˈspekt/ us /ˌdɪs·rɪˈspekt/

[ no plural ] impolite behaviour to someone, especially a person who is older or more important than you

falta de respeto
They show disrespect for their teachers.
I don’t mean any disrespect.
verb /ˌdɪs·rɪˈspekt/ us /ˌdɪs·rɪˈspekt/

to not accept that someone is important or has rights, and behave badly towards them

faltar el respeto a
How dare you disrespect your mother that way!

(Translation of “disrespect” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /disrəˈspekt/

rudeness or lack of respect

falta de respeto
He spoke of his parents with disrespect.
disrespectful adjective

showing disrespect

a disrespectful remark
Never be disrespectful to older people.
disrespectfully adverb

We were treated rather disrespectfully.

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