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adjective uk /ˈdʌb·l/ us /ˈdʌb·əl/

A2 twice the amount, number, or size of something

a double hamburger

made to be used by two people

a double bed
a double stroller
noun uk /ˈdʌb·l/ us /ˈdʌb·əl/

B1 something that is twice the amount, size, strength, etc. of something else

medida doble
‘Would you like another whisky?’ ‘Yes. Make it a double (= two standard amounts in one glass).’

a person who looks exactly the same as someone else

Hey, Tony, I met someone at a party last week who was your double.

a game of tennis or a similar sport between two teams of two people

mixed doubles
Who won the men’s doubles at Wimbledon this year?
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determiner uk /ˈdʌb·l/ us /ˈdʌb·əl/

B1 twice as much or as many

dos veces
Our new house is double the size of the old one.
verb uk / ˈdʌb·l/ us /ˈdʌb·əl/ present participle doubling, past tense and past participle doubled

to increase and become twice the original size or amount, or to make something do this

doblar, duplicarse
Our house has almost doubled in value.

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adjective /ˈdabl/

of twice the (usual) weight, size etc

A double whisky, please.

two of a sort together or occurring in pairs

double doors.

consisting of two parts or layers

a double thickness of paper
a double meaning.

for two people

a double bed.
doubles noun singular

or noun plural in tennis etc, a kind of match with two players on each side

I enjoy playing doubles
(also adjective) a doubles match.
double agent noun

a spy paid by each of two countries hostile to each other

agente doble
He was exposed as a double agent.
double bass /beis/ noun

(music) a type of large stringed instrument, the largest and deepest in sound of the violin family.

double-bedded adjective

containing a double bed

de matrimonio
a double-bedded room.
double-check verb

to check something again

revisar de nuevo
I double-checked the bill to make sure that I hadn’t been overcharged.
double-cross verb

to betray (someone for whom one has already arranged to do something deceitful)

traicionar, engañar
He double-crossed the other members of the gang by keeping the money for himself.
double-dealing noun

cheating and deceitfulness

doble juego
He had a reputation for double-dealing.
double-decker noun

a bus etc having two decks or levels.

autobus de dos pisos
double-Dutch noun


You’re talking double-Dutch!
double figures noun plural

the numbers between 10 and 99

números de dos cifras
The number of times you have been late is well into double figures.
double glazing noun

(British) windows that have two layers of glass with space between them in order to keep the heat in and to reduce noise from outside

Vidrio Aislante
The windows are fitted with double glazing.
double-quick adjective, adverb

very quick(ly)

rapidísimamente, a paso ligero
Get here double-quick / in double-quick time!
at the double

very quickly

He came up the road at the double and rushed into the house.
double back phrasal verb

to turn and go back the way one came

volver sobre sus pasos
The fox doubled back and went down a hole.
double up phrasal verb

to (cause to) bend or collapse suddenly at the waist

We (were) doubled up with laughter
He received a blow in the stomach which doubled him up.

to join up in pairs

There weren’t enough desks, so some pupils had to double up.
see double

to see two images of everything instead of only one

ver doble
When I first met the twins, I thought I was seeing double, they were so alike.

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