Translation of "drama" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈdrɑː·mə/ us /ˈdrɑ·mə/

B1 a play in a theatre or on television or radio

obra de teatro
a historical drama

B1 [ no plural ] plays and acting generally

a drama class

B1 the fact of something exciting or unusual happening, or an exciting or unusual event

emoción, drama
There was a lot of drama at work today.

(Translation of “drama” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /ˈdraːmə/

a play for acting on the stage

obra de teatro
He has just produced a new drama.

plays for the stage in general

teatro, drama
modern drama.

the art of acting in plays

arte dramático
He studied drama at college.

exciting events

Life here is full of drama.
dramatic /drəˈmӕtik/ adjective

vivid or striking

impresionante, espectacular
a dramatic improvement
She made a dramatic entrance.

of or in the form of a drama

a dramatic performance.

(of a person) showing (too) much feeling or emotion

dramático, teatral
She’s very dramatic about everything.
dramatically adverb

His health has dramatically improved over the past few months.
dramatist /ˈdrӕ-/ noun

a writer of plays.

dramatize /ˈdrӕ-/ verb ( (also dramatiseBritish))

to turn into the form of a play

adaptar a la televisión, al cine…
She dramatized the novel for television.

to make real events seem like things that happen in a play

She dramatizes everything so much!
dramatization noun ( (also dramatisationBritish))

adaptación teatral, dramatización

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