Translation of "draught" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun UK US draft uk /drɑːft/

cold air coming into a room

corriente de aire
There’s a draught coming from under the door.

(Translation of “draught” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /draːft/ /draːft/

a movement of air, especially one which causes discomfort in a room or which helps a fire to burn

corriente de aire
We raise the heat in the furnace by increasing the draught
There’s a dreadful draught in this room!

a quantity of liquid drunk at once without stopping

He took a long draught of beer.

the amount of water a ship requires to float it

a draught of half a metre.
draughts noun

(British ) (singular ) a game for two people, played on a board (a draughtboard, (American ) checkerboard) exactly like a chessboard, with twenty-four discs: checkers(American)


(British) the discs used in this game.

draughty adjective (comparative draughtier, superlative draughtiest, comparative draftier, superlative draftiest) ( drafty)

full of draughts of air

con corrientes de aire
a draughty room.

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