Translation of "each" - English-Spanish dictionary


pronoun, determiner uk /iːtʃ/ us /itʃ/

A1 every one in a group

cada uno, -a
Each of the teams has four players.
Each student received a new pen.
The bill comes to £79 so that’s about £10 each.

(Translation of “each” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


adjective /iːtʃ/

every (thing, person each) of two or more, considered separately

Each house in this street has its own garage.
each other

used as the object when an action takes place between two (loosely, more than two) people etc

el uno al otro, mutuamente
They clearly love each other deeply.
each is singular: Each of them has (not have ) a bag in his hand.

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