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noun uk /ɪər/ us /ɪər/

A1 one of the two parts of the body on your head that you hear with

She whispered something in his ear.

the part of a cereal plant that the seeds grow on

mazorca, espiga
an ear of corn

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noun //

the part of the head by means of which we hear, or its external part only

Her new hairstyle covers her ears.

the sense or power of hearing especially the ability to hear the difference between sounds

sharp ears
He has a good ear for music.
earache noun

(medical) pain in the inner part of the ear

dolor de oídos
She’s been suffering from a severe earache.
eardrum noun

(anatomy) the layer of tissue separating the inner from the outer ear.

earlobe noun

(anatomy) the soft lower part of the ear

lóbulo de la oreja
pierced earlobes.
earmark verb

to set aside (for a particular purpose)

destinar, apartar
A certain amount of money has been earmarked for refurbishing the office.
earphones noun plural

a small piece of electronic equipment that has parts which you wear in your ears to listen to a radio or personal stereo

auriculares, cascos
She is wearing a pair of earphones.
earplug noun

a small piece of soft material which you put in your ear to keep noise or water out

tapones para los oídos
I bought a pair of earplugs to help me sleep better in that noisy hotel room.
earring noun

an ornament worn attached to the ear

a pair of silver earrings.
earshot noun

the distance at which sound can be heard

alcance del oído
He did not hear her last remark as he was out of earshot.
be all ears

to listen with keen attention

ser todo oídos
The children were all ears when their father was describing the car crash.
go in one ear and out the other

not to make any lasting impression

entrar por un oído y salir por el otro
I keep telling that child to work harder, but my words go in one ear and out the other.
play by ear

to play (music) without looking at and without having memorized printed music

tocar de oído, improvisar
He can’t read music so he has to play everything by ear.
up to one’s ears (in)

deeply involved (in)

estar hasta el cuello
I’m up to my ears in work.

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