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noun [ no plural ] uk /iːst/ /ist/

A2 the direction that you face to see the sun rise

Which way is east?
the east

A2 the part of an area that is farther toward the east than the rest

el este
It rains less in the east of the region.
east adjective uk /iːst/ /ist/


the east side of the city
the East China Sea
east adverb uk /iːst/ /ist/


hacia el este
They sailed east.

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noun /iːst/

the direction from which the sun rises, or any part of the earth lying in that direction

The wind is blowing from the east
The village is to the east of Cambridge
a small town in the east of England.

(also E) one of the four main points of the compass

He took a direction 10° E of N / east of north.
eastbound adjective

going towards the east

en dirección este
eastbound traffic
an eastbound train.
easterly adjective

(of a wind, breeze etc) coming from the east

del este
an easterly wind.

looking, lying etc towards the east

hacia el este
We are travelling in an easterly direction.
eastern adjective

of the east or the East

an eastern custom.
easternmost adjective

being furthest east

más oriental/al este
the easternmost city in America.
eastward adjective

towards the east

hacia el este
He was heading in an eastward direction.
eastward(s) adverb

towards the east

hacia el este
They are sailing eastwards.
the East noun

the countries east of Europe

el Oriente
the Middle/Far East.
Eastender noun

(British) someone who comes from the East End, an area of London.

habitante del este de Londres

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