Translation of "eerie" - English-Spanish dictionary


adjective uk /ˈɪə.ri/ us /ˈɪr.i/

strange in a frightening and mysterious way

misterioso, estremecedor
She heard the eerie noise of the wind howling through the trees.
He had the eerie feeling that he had met this stranger before.
eerily adverb uk /ˈɪə.rɪ.li/ us /ˈɪr.ɪ.li/
eeriness noun [ no plural ] uk /-nəs/ us

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adjective /ˈiəri/

causing fear; weird

misterioso, espeluznante
an eerie silence.
eerily adverb

misteriosamente, espeluznantemente, horripilantemente
Our voices echoed eerily in the dark tunnel.
eeriness noun

calidad de misterioso/espeluznante

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