Translation of "eight" - English-Spanish dictionary


number uk /eɪt/ us /eɪt/

A1 the number 8


(Translation of “eight” from the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)


noun /eit/

the number or figure 8

Four and four are/is/make eight.

the age of 8

ocho años
The book is aimed at children of eight and over.

the crew of an eight-oared racing boat

Did the Cambridge eight win?

having eight (of something)

de ocho…
an eight-sided figure.
eighth /eitð/ noun

one of eight equal parts

They each received an eighth of the money.

(also adjective ) (the) last of eight (people, things etc); (the) next after the seventh

His horse was eighth in the race
Are you having another cup of coffee? That’s your eighth (cup) this morning
Henry VIII (said as ’Henry the Eighth’).
eight-year-old noun

a person or animal that is eight years old

persona/animal de ocho años de edad
Is this game suitable for an eight-year-old?
figure of eight noun

a pattern etc in the shape of the figure 8

The skater did a figure of eight.

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