Translation of "electron" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ɪˈlek.trɒn/ us /-trɑːn/

an extremely small piece of matter with a negative electrical charge

electrón → Compare neutron , proton

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noun /iˈlektron/

(chemistry, physics) a very small particle within the atom

Carbon shares its electrons in a process known as covalent bonding.
electronic /eləkˈtronik/ adjective

worked or produced by devices built or made according to the principles of electronics

an electronic calculator.

concerned or working with such machines

an electronic engineer.
electronic mail noun

(also e-mail, email) (computing) the system of sending messages by computer; the information sent this way.

correo electrónico
electronics /eləkˈtroniks/ noun singular

the branch of science that deals with the study of the movement and effects of electrons and with their application to machines etc

He is studying electronics at an engineering college.

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