Translation of "emphasis" - English-Spanish dictionary


noun uk /ˈem·fə·sɪs/ us /ˈem·fə·sɪs/ plural emphases /ˈem·fə·siːz/ /ˈem·fə·siz/

the particular importance or attention that you give to something

énfasis, importancia
Schools are starting to place greater emphasis on passing exams.

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noun /ˈemfəsis/ (plural emphases /-siːz/)

stress put on certain words in speaking etc; greater force of voice used in words or parts of words to make them more noticeable

In writing we sometimes underline words to show emphasis.

force; firmness

’I do not intend to go,’ he said with emphasis.

importance given to something

importancia, énfasis
He placed great emphasis on this point.
emphasize verb ( (also emphasiseBritish))

to lay or put emphasis on

enfatizar, subrayar
You emphasize the word ’too’ in the sentence ’Are you going too?’
He emphasized the importance of working hard.
emphatic /-ˈfӕ-/ adjective

(opposite unemphatic) expressed with emphasis; firm and definite

enfático, enérgico
an emphatic denial
He was most emphatic about the importance of arriving on time.
emphatically adverb

enérgicamente, en tono enfático
He emphatically refused to be interviewed.
to emphasize (not emphasize on) a point.

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